When Anupam Kher and Subhash Ghai allegedly insulted Rekha

When Anupam Kher and Subhash Ghai allegedly insulted Rekha Veteran actressRekha’s biography ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’ released a few days ago which has some juicy scoops about her life and also makes some shocking revelations. Written by Yasser Usman book, excerpts from the book have gone viral. Rekha’s life has been nothing short of controversial.

In 1990, she got married to a businessman Mukesh Aggarwal who committed suicide a year later after getting married. So, Rekha’s biography reveals the differences they had during their marriage, his clinical depression, divorce, and suicide. In the biography, the writer reveals about the time when this incident occurred in Rekha’s life and how no one from film industry supported her except Shashi Kapoor. The writer mentioned that how only Shashi Kapoor reached out to her after Mukesh had committed suicide. Rekha was one of the biggest stars at that time but received a lot of backlash for it from not just the fans but people from industry as well. Using a quote, Yasser Usman pointed out that filmmaker Subhash Ghai had allegedly once said in an interview that Rekha had put such a blot on the face of the film industry that no conscientious director would work with her ever again. In another excerpt, Anupam Kher was quoted saying that Rekha had become the national vamp.Professionally and personally, he thought her career was over. He said that he had no idea how he’d react if he ever came face to face with her. Rekha’s film Sheshnag was about to release when Mukesh Aggarwal had committed suicide. At that time, her face was blackened on posters and news reports termed her as the villain.