“We have our own rewards with the kind of work we do”, says Varun Kapoor

He’s the heart-throb of Indian television and one of the finest actors in the entertainment industry. Varun Kapoor of Colors popular Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about his pursuit of acting, his marriage, reality shows and more…

How did your pursuit of acting begin?

It started off at a very early age. I was in Ahmedabad.  Moreover, I was raised in a Gujarati family; I have done a couple of children’s day films in Gujarati. I had done a lot of commercial for DD Gujarati. It started off from there, but then it was difficult to concentrate on education, so it didn’t go on for long and I completely left that aside to concentrate on my education. I was studying in a pretty strict school. Education was very important at that time as well.

Having done Engineering, did you ever thought of revisiting your Engineering career?

Everyone in my family has a science background. My brother himself did Engineering. My cousin is a Doctor. I just took up science because everyone took up science in the family. There was no one who had done commerce and no one had done arts from my family. It was kind of trend and I believe even I had to do that, but I’ve learnt a lesson (chuckles).

Unlike many actors who choose their life partners from the same industry, you chose to marry someone outside the realm of the entertainment industry. Elaborate.

I did not choose a profession or a certain company, i.e. I didn’t choose to marry someone only from this profession or only from this company. It just happened and we got along. We are the ones who will tolerate each other. Nobody would tolerate me and nobody would tolerate her and we knew that. That is how it happened; one actually feels that this is the right person for him / her and eventually if one decides to take a relationship forward and if one knows that in the future they are going to get married, then I believe the sooner it happens the better, because it’s good for a relationship. Yes, it was a mutual decision taken by me and her and both the families to get married once my show from Channel V gets over which I was doing previously, so that I can have good time for myself. It was very clear that we will be together. In order to survive and know more about the partner, I feel marriage is important. We had a commitment and we fulfilled our commitment of marriage.

As many actors participate in reality shows, were you ever approached or offered reality shows or would you be fond of doing one in the future?

I was not offered. Certainly I am not up for Bigg Boss. If Khatron Ke Khiladi or similar show happens then I would be very excited to do it. But, this is a female oriented industry and that is how it works. I haven’t been offered any up till now, but the work and the responsibility which I’ve been given here is a lot actually for me and I am very happy to get that.

What is your opinion about the reality factor of the reality shows?

In Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, you actually see people performing and I don’t think that there is anything bias inJhalak Dikhhla Jaa because the whole world sees the performances. There are no cuts. You can see actors and dancers forgetting their acts, so there are no retakes. I really don’t know how Khatron Ke Khiladi works because I have never been on set. I’ve never experienced that. One hears a lot of things about this being scripted or that being scripted, but one can’t script the act. One can’t tell anyone to forget their performances or miss a step.

Unlike film actors, daily soap actors live a very stringent lifestyle due to their round- the-clock professional commitments. Do you think that it becomes difficult to manage professional and personal commitments being a daily soap actor?

It does affects at some point, but one has to be smart enough to manage things and to learn to manage that, because if one has decided to do this profession all their life then one needs to learn how to manage it. It will always be difficult. We have our own rewards with the kind of work we do. They are more than rewarding. Everything can’t be easy and somewhere one has to adjust a little. One needs to have a partner and a family who understand that a lot of energy has to go into what we do, but at the same time one should not ignore things and one need to balance it out. One needs to give time and one need to have that kind of communication with him / her to understand how things work in our industry. It’s more about communication and understanding and if one has it then it’s pretty much easy. I make sure to take an off once in 6 months for 4-5 days and we try to go somewhere on a holiday.