Tiger, Remo Want Indian ‘Avengers’ After ‘A Flying Jatt’

Avengers” is a popular comic series by Marvel Comics which has been made into two films already. The franchise is popular for the numerous superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow among others coming together in the same film

While there have been Indian superheroes like “Shaktimaan‘ or Tiger’s father Jackie Shroff in “Shiva Ka Insaaf“, ‘Hrithik Roshan’s “Krrish” is often considered the first superhero in Hindi films.

“I am a huge fan of ‘Krrish’, Tiger himself is a big fan of Hrithik and the film. We don’t proceed with the thought that we want to make ‘Krrish‘ or any other film because we can’t do that; we are making our own film. Ours is a small film.I wanted a superhero who is innocent, adorable and like us. He has the powers but he himself doesn’t know how to use them.”

“I wanted to make a different superhero film, I had seen many films and I had many questions when I used to see ‘Spider-Man‘ or ‘Superman‘, as soon as they get the powers, they start flying and jumping, but I thought of a boy who is like us, who has a fear of heights, what if he receives superpowers?” Remo said.

“A Flying Jatt” also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Nathan Jones.