The Inner glow of Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh

Mother to two li’l boys, Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh retains her lovely looks and lively manner. The secret lays in her happy heart and simple beauty rituals.

The gorgeous tresses that frame Genelia’s pretty face are an instant eye-catcher. While her lovely locks are a genetic blessing, the actress and new mother never takes her beautiful hair for granted. She tries to keep blow-drying to a minimum and advocates hair spas to help revive natural gloss and volume. Her at-home routine includes a relaxing head massage with oil, which she believes does wonders to her hair. Evidently, this treatment helps to maintain the shine and smooth texture of the hair. Occasionally she also uses an egg mask for additional hair nutrition. She recommends the regular use of conditioner post a hair-wash. A stickler for rinsing the product thoroughly out of her tresses, she also recommends a regular hair trim to ward off split ends.

Genelia’s skin care routine is equally sensible and simple. Blessed with good skin, she never misses out on her daily routine of cleaning, toning and moisturising. A good cleansing milk is an essential to remove make-up – a routine she scrupulously follows at bed time even if she is bone tired. Preferring to keep her face pampering natural, she uses a fresh cream face mask to keep her skin from getting dry and a multani mitti mask once a week to work as an exfoliator and give her skin a freshly-scrubbed glow. What goes in matters loads more than what you put on your skin. She is a firm believer in the manifold benefits of water and makes it a point to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day, no matter how tied up she is with the hectic routine. This evidently is great for the skin’s health, giving it a much needed boost of moisture.

In her handbag will be essentials like face wipes, a small bottle of her favourite perfume, a hydrating spray which she uses regularly and a good sunscreen. Make-up for the day is generally just kajal and lip balm. She advocates using a good moisturizer for a fresher look with some tinted blush on the cheeks to add a flush of colour to the face. When it comes to a night out, she opts for either dark eyes or nude eyes. Only when she has a red carpet event or is shooting does she call in her make-up staff. At all other times, she prefers keeping her distance from all things cosmetic.

Even though Genelia is a bright and happy person by nature, she ensures that the inevitable stress does not bog her down. She makes it a point to work out every morning and takes deep calming breaths whenever she finds herself stressed out. Reminding oneself of one’s many blessings is a sure-fire to rediscover joy in life, she believes.

Caring for two little tots is no walk in the park, and given that she prefers doing everything herself, there are times she is completely exhausted by the end of the day. She does not mind this at all, admitting that she loves being a mother. It has been the most rewarding experience for her. Being a happy mom, she is able to handle her responsibilities well, react positively and also soothe and cheer the kids when they need it.

The beauty of Genelia lies in the fact that she has retained her personality even while being a hands-on doting mother to her boys. She maintains that the secret lies in being yourself and maintaining your individuality as this will reflect in your children. Trying to be someone else is out of the question and she would much rather have her kids grow up knowing their mother for her true personality. Lovely and lively – that’s Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh all the way!