Sofia Hayat wants her ‘best friend’ Rakhi Sawant to get married in 2017

Former model and actress Sofia Hayat wants her “best friend”, Bollywood actress and item girl Rakhi Sawant, to get married in 2017.

“Rakhi Sawant is very hardworking. She is like a river who wins the stone and keeps flowing and doesn’t stop. Every girl should make her as their moral model. I am blessed to have her as my best friend,” Sofia said in a statement.

“But these days I am worried about her. I want her to get married as soon as possible, may be this year only. I am searching a perfect match for her,” she added.

Rakhi, known for her item numbers in films like “Malamaal Weekly”, “Krazzy 4” and “1920”, earlier appeared in reality show “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar” and chose Elesh Parujanwala as her partner. They later parted ways, and just last year, Rakhi said in an interview that she got engaged to Elesh for money.

Taking Rakhi’s side, Sofia said: “I think Rakhi is highly misunderstood by others. Even though she looks like a ‘sex symbol’, from inside she is a saint. Any man would be lucky to marry her.”

Recently Sofia went back to flaunting her curves and shedding that ‘new-found’ image. It was left to Rakhi Sawant to ask Sofia about the weird messages and sexy pictures she began posting on Instagram. There’s more. Rakhi was in for a reply from Sofia too!

Rakhi Sawant has no qualms about doing things her way. Be it her bold statements, or bold image, she carries everything in her own peculiar style. And being the loud-mouth she is, she also gives fitting replies to anyone who tries to mess with her. Remember how she gave it back to Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani? So just like any other day, Sofia posted a picture where she is lying on a heap of hay, dressed in denims and flaunting her cleavage. Hilariously, her caption read “Bedtime. Goodnight. A bed of hay!” And while we hid outlr laughter, Rakhi boldly and blatantly wrote a comment on the picture – “What happened to u dear Sofia u r not mother anymore”. While the world broke into loud laughs, Sofia replied to her writing – “yes still mother.. cosmic Mother is everything.. i havevto be everything”.

Sofia has appeared in shows like “Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki”, “Bigg Boss 7” and “Comedy Nights Bachao”.