Radhika Apte , Soha Ali Khan: Go, Girls!

It heartens us to see the new campaign which challenges the perception of the phrase ‘Like A Girl’, by focussing on girls excelling and rewriting the rules in sports, business, arts and so many other fields. A moving video empowers girls to reclaim the phrase, and proudly continue doing things ‘Like A Girl’. The mission is to make the phrase ‘Like a Girl’ representative of the strength, talent, character and downright amazing-ness of every girl, while drawing India’s attention to the impact such phrases can have on a girl’s confidence.

Speaking on the subject, Radhika Apte said, “Young girls go through many changes on attaining puberty. Not just physical, but even societal changes. They are suddenly expected to behave in a certain manner or abide by certain restrictions. In fact, every girl at some point in time has been told that there is something not quite right with the way she does things. A common phrase that only adds to this self-doubt is ‘Like A Girl’. I am happy to see a lead being taken towards bringing attention to the kind of adverse impact that such a phrase, when used as an insult, can have on a girl’s self-confidence. I feel doing things “Like a Girl” should only mean doing it with strength and character.”

Talking about the importance of the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ undergoing a positive transformation, ex-Roadie turned VJ, Bani J said,“It’s imperative for girls in our country to continue doing things that they truly believe in. Especially when society tells them that there are things they can’t do- just because they’re girls. They shouldn’t let it affect their self-confidence, their sense of self. Girls should feel confident and proud when told they do things ‘Like A Girl’. I’ve experienced this first hand, where I’ve been told – on countless occasions that ‘Girls shouldn’t lift weights, lifting is for guys’ or that ‘Riding a bike is not for girls’, ‘Baggy clothes and short hair are so ‘Tom boyish’ but guess what? I have continued to do the things that I love #LikeAGirl, and I am extremely proud of that.

Actress Soha Ali Khan further added, “It’s amazing that recent happenings such as the very heartening conversations around Shah Rukh Khan’s beautiful poem ‘Fight Like a Girl’ and the outstanding display of Girl Power by the Indian contingent at the Rio Olympics, have given a positive spin to the phrase ‘Like A Girl’. Having said that, I do believe that this is just the beginning and there is a still a long way to go before we can truly reclaim the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ and make it mean amazing things.”