Pooja Hegde learns the art of Aerial silk to keep herself fit


Well, before you start getting designs in your mind, let us clarify that, Pooja Hegde, of late, has been busy practicing ‘Aerial silk’ to keep her totally fit and also in order to increase her flexibility. For the uninitiated, ‘Aerial silk’ is basically an acrobatic dance form that helps to strengthen upper body and core and increasing flexibility and that the artist performs aerial acrobatics whist hanging from a special fabric.Pooja Hegde learns the art of Aerial silk

Pooja Hegde, who learnt the art of ‘Aerial silk’ from Fly High Aerial Art’s Aditi Deshpande, said “I saw P!nk (international singer) performing this form at the Grammys and have been obsessed ever since. I have a fear of heights and was not a flexible person at all. While the fear of heights still remains, my overall fitness levels have increased tremendously.”