Om Puri’s Twitter account fake, reports wife Nandita Puri, son Ishaan

Veteran actor Om Puri, who died last week, was not on Twitter and his wife Nandita Puri and son Ishaan say someone else was operating the account in his name. Nandita says Puri’s fans and people who knew him globally are tagging the fake profile.

“I just want to tell his fans that Om Puri was never on Twitter. A lot of people who knew him internationally and foreign media picked up stuff from a profile called Om Rajesh Puri but that was not Puriji’s account. “There are other such profiles. We just don’t want any complications to arise,” Nandita told PTI.

Ishaan says the fake profile was brought to his notice by his friends. “My father was never on Twitter nor am I. Someone has been posting in his name. I got to know about it when my friends asked me whether my father was on Twitter,” he said.

In 1993, Om Puri married journalist Nandita Puri, with whom he had a son named Ishaan.

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As soon as the news about veteran actor Om Puri’s sudden demise broke, shock and reactions began to flow from all quarters. Many said 2017 couldn’t have begun on a sadder note. Om Puri was a powerful actor with a great body of work. But his personal life was not that easy. Puri died on January 6, at his residence, after suffering a massive heart attack.