No one could have made PARCHED apart from Leena Yadav: Surveen Chawla

Making waves across nations, PARCHED has appreciated for its relatability with women from all walks of life, irrespective of their country. Radhiak Apte, Tanishtha Chaterjee and Surveen Chawla’s portrayal of rural women and their journey towards liberation has wowed the audience. The film is finally come to its country of origin. Talking to one of the lead actresses of the film, Surveen Chawla, she expressed her views about the sensibilities of a female director for making a film like PARCHED.

“The sensitivities and the sensibilities of a female are very different from that of men. The way a woman can bring out a woman’s pain and story. It has to be a lady making this film. It would be impossible for a man to replicate a woman’s heart, mind and a woman’s body into a film. There couldn’t have been anyone else making this film apart from Leena Yadav,” said Surveen praising the sensibilities of a female director.

Looking upto a woman like Leena Yadav, she further said, “She is a woman I personally admire. Absolutely strong, yet very sensitive sort of a woman. I look upto her. As a director she is fantastic because she literally digs into you and gets out the emotions that she needs.”Surveen said that the men on the set of PARCHED also faced a transformation of sorts during the journey of the film. “There were very few men were actually a part of this film but whoever was there on the set had turned more sensitive or as sensitive as a woman. They became very sensitive towards what women feel. I am not saying they are far from understanding issues women face but these days the men have become sensitive about the women around them.”