Mallika Sherawat on a ‘Holiday’ or ‘Honeymoon’ ?

So the Cannes extravaganza is over but the fun times are far from over for Mallika Sherawat. She has shared a lovely pic of herself dressed in a yummy blue creation on a boat, against the azure ocean, captioning it, “Being happy never goes out of style :)! #vacationing” Erm… would that actually translate as honeymooning?”

Barely a month ago, rumours had swirled about Sherawat having married her beau, Cyrille Auxenfans, who is a French businessman she had met through a common friend. The two had dated for some time before supposedly deciding to tie the knot.

Cyrille had even visited India with La Sherawat, who had earlier promised, “I am proud of him and will soon get him to Mumbai. He has shown Paris to me and has romanced me the French style, now I will romance him the Indian style! I will take him to the Taj Mahal, and make him have street food.”
Now when will she distribute some shaadi ke laddoo?!