Lisa Ray launches her line of perfumes – for a cause

Internationally acclaimed actress, model, T.V. host, entrepreneur and social activist Lisa Ray will launch her first fragrance September 21st on the UN’s International Day of Peace with The 7 Virtues , a Canadian company living the mantra “Make Perfume Not War.”

Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, The 7 Virtues sources natural essential oils from regions impacted by war or strife in an effort to rebuild through the power of scent. In partnership with Lisa Ray, The 7 Virtues introduces Lisa Ray Jasmine of India, inspired by India’s rich and diverse culture.

Drawing on the old saying ‘No perfume without Jasmine’, Lisa Ray Jasmine of India blends awakening notes of orange blossom, cardamom, ginger, frankincense and myrrh with the exotic Jasmine flower, designed to blend beautifully with any of our fragrances,” says Barbara Stegemann, Founder and CEO of The 7 Virtues. Stegemann’s winning pitch on CBC’s Dragons’ Den led her to meet her mentor and business partner, W. Brett Wilson, Chairman of CANOE Financial. “The inspiration for all our fragrances is to support farmers in nations rebuilding,” continues Stegemann. “Having helped farmers in Haiti, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Rwanda, we wanted to do our part to contribute to India, realizing it is home to the world’s largest group living in poverty.” Dividing her time between Toronto, Mumbai and Hong Kong, Lisa Ray is no stranger to philanthropy, having been recognized as a ‘Woman of Action’ by the Israel Cancer

Research Fund and participating in numerous charitable efforts including ProjectEleven27, an initiative spearheaded by designer Laura Siegal to support ethical practices in the garment industry and honour the garment factory workers who perished in Bangladesh.

“Our new jasmine fragrance takes me back to my childhood, where Jasmine adorned temples and decorated women’s hair,” says Lisa Ray. “It acts as a reminder to slow down, breathe and recognize the divine in everyday life. I am humbled to have been part of a project that gives back to the Jasmine farmers of India with the purchase of every bottle.”

Lisa Ray Jasmine of India is the sixth fragrance from The 7 Virtues Collection, whose other notable fragrances include Afghanistan Orange Blossom (CBC Dragons’ Den Winner) Top Game Changer), Noble Rose of Afghanistan (Named by History TV viewers), Vetiver of Haiti (Chatelaine Beauty 100 winner), Middle East Peace (Finalist for the Fragrance Awards) and Patchouli of Rwanda, featured in the new upcoming documentary, Perfume War. The 7 Virtues fragrances are vegan, not tested on animals and have no added parabens or phthalates.