John Abraham has no entourage , follows in the footsteps of Stallone !


John is a responsible producer and extends that responsibility to his other films as well - While other actors in Bollywood have been traveling with an extensive entourage of over a dozen people, John has been attending events, shoots and has even been touring to promote the film, with just 1 person.

Since his very first film in Bollywood, John has never had an entourage unlike the other stars who have seperate hair and make up person, a spot boy, a manager , a stylist and their assistants.

The actor to date doesn't have a driver or a spot boy as he believes in not spending unnecessarily, as he understands film's budgets spiral out of control with these miscellaneous costs.

John's team comprises of just 1 person - Venky who is also a friend having worked together for years now. Venky handles everything for John and the two have found a great balance.

The only other star internationally to follow the same pattern of working is Stallone ,who even drives his own car.

John has always expressed his love for 
Slyvester Stallone - apart from being his favorite Hollywood star , Stallone has also been a fitness icon to John and right from the very beginning John was inspired by how savvy  and self sufficient Stallone has been and always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I've never been the kind to roam with big entourages. Besides Venky is a one-man army and looks after everything.  Back in Hollywood , Sylvester Stallone follows the same and he has always been my idol.