Hot Actress Sunny Leone Documentary To Release Worldwide On Netflix


She is one of the most fascinating characters in tinsel-town. So, it was no wonder that when Mostly Sunny, Dilip Mehta's documentary on former adult film star Sunny Leone, opened at Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) earlier this year, the crowds and critics lapped it up.

The film is set to be showcased at the upcoming JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival With Star, but Sunny Leone is set for a bigger stage.

Dilip Mehta told that global digital entertainment giant Netflix has bought the rights to the documentary. The non-fiction offering will soon be available for Netflix subscribers around the world.

"The movie's rights have been bought by Netflix worldwide and also by iTunes worldwide. And the release is going to happen pretty soon and on a grand scale.



These are the platforms that are hugely successful in the West and have also started becoming popular in India. So I am sure that audiences will get to see the film everywhere across the globe pretty soon," revealed Dilip.

The filmmaker meanwhile is looking forward to the Indian crowd's response to the film.

"Mostly Sunny opened up to thunderous applause at TIFF. I am hoping the response will be even bigger here considering India is the country which made Sunny Leone who she is today. Mostly Sunny has got four screenings at MAMI - not even big films get four screenings at such a prestigious film festival."

When asked about the tiff, Dilip clarified: "The producers had got the full consent and rights from Sunny Leone before approaching me. Even when I met her, she was completely on board with the idea and discussed her life very openly. We shot for the movie in her bedroom and she took us to her shoots too. And not once did she raise an eyebrow in the whole two and a half years of shooting.

I don't know why did she change her mind later. She, along with her husband Daniel Weber, were supposed to attend the film's premiere at TIFF. However, fourteen days before the premiere, she called me up and said that she wanted to change things in the movie - a thing that couldn't be done in such a short time."



He added: "I don't know why Sunny wouldn't want her movie to be released in a country which has given her everything. You won't believe it - her own family disowned her after she became an adult industry star. However, Indian audiences gave her that much love and made her the star that she is. Tell me, which other country in the world would you see where a porn star is given so much love and turned into such a hugely popular movie star?"

Will Sunny sneak into one of the film festival screenings to take a peek? We will let you know if we spot her.