Amrita Raichand says, How mummy stays yummy

The biggest magic you add to food is actually love. It goes without saying that parents have a lot of love for their kids but the only hitch is they do not look at food with love. They look at food only as something that needs to be given to a child to nourish them. The moment they start looking at food as a mood and a medium to actually change the perspective of children towards food, then food becomes joyful. When you try and experiment with food in a way that, when placed on the table, it has the kids running towards it with that ‘I-can’t-wait-to-have-it’ look in their eyes, it is a huge achievement. Adding magic means giving the child what they want, while also giving the child what they need. It’s about giving it a little thought, adding creativity and crafting simple twists. It takes little things to add that magic, simple tricks to win children over… You just need to start thinking along those lines!