actor Arjun Kapoor slams stories about spending Rs 1 Lakh on partying and alcohol

Arjun Kapoor, who keeps mum over a lot of negative stories, has finally addressed the issue and called it shameful. On Wednesday, Arjun was shooting for an upcoming show Vogue BFFs with his uncle Anil Kapoor.

During the media interaction, Arjun was asked about it and he decided to address the controversy surrounding him. He said, "I don't like to react to ridiculous rumours but I am going to address this. The place where this story appeared, normally people don't take them seriously. But I am a son of a producer. When this outdoor shoot was going on in June, as you know, my grandmother was seriously unwell.

As you must be aware, around that time, she passed away when I was shooting outdoor. So if during that phase, I was consuming alcohol and partying worth Rs 1 lakh, then there must seriously be something wrong with me and I shouldn't get a job after this film. I was travelling back and forth everyday from Bombay to Delhi, Delhi to Bombay, shooting over there and flying back home. I continued shooting."

Arjun further said that the Balaji team did throw a party for him on his birthday. He said, "It was my birthday the same month. I didn't want to celebrate but Balaji expressed that they wanted to throw a party. We partied until 1 AM in the morning.

We celebrated my birthday by cutting a cake. The pictures of that party are all over the internet. Next morning, we all were on the set at 7 AM for the shoot. You can go and cross check it with Delhi Hyatt, where we shot the film. I'm very fair to all. I always take out time for you all and I never ever complain when something is written about my personal life. But, there's someone's personal evil agenda behind portraying me unprofessional.

Somebody is upset or jealous to mislead people to ask questions like this or think of me like that. So, I really request you all to not give such things importance. I want you guys to be responsible, it is important. It is shameful the way it is being written about and nobody reacts like this can't happen. Instead, you guys are asking me- tell us what did you do? It's very very sad."

Arjun Kapoor concluded saying, "You guys know my grandmother passed away and if I was unprofessional, would I have finished that film? My father is known as one of the most amazing and serious producers in the country. You think as a producer's son, do you think I would put the other producer in jeopardy by giving him Rs 1.5 lakh worth bill? So it's shameful that someone from media has falsely accused me. I hope you should all retrospect and introspect so that next time I come; I don't get to hear such stories. "